Monday, July 20, 2009

Violated, but it feels so good.

Though I'm not sure what key words brought you to this blog... welcome!
No, this is not a very public bathroom, though they do exist here in Japan, this is Toto Super Space. It is a showroom for the fanciest toilets around.

While they appear warm and inviting, there's a place to try them out and this (above) is not the place...

This (above) is. The Trylet room is simply the bathroom. There are several different stalls that you can actually go in and use. And use them we did. I took along two not-so-unsuspecting friends and their kids. We gave the bowls a whirl (HA!). They didn't put the top of the line in the Trylet, but it was good enough for us and an entertaining afternoon.
This model may be the top of the line. If not, it's right up there. I think this toilet does everything for you. For 1,152,113-yen ($12,222 at today's exchange rate) it should!

We were told, by a Korean distributor there, that this particular model is particularly good for the elderly. Part of the fun, no, all of the fun, is trying the various buttons and just seeing what will happen.
Not a bad view at all! You can enjoy this view as soon as you step off the elevator on the 26th and before you enter the showroom.

Toto Super Space is located on the 26th and 27th floors of the L Tower in Shinjuku and it's free!


Sebastian said...

I'm always afraid to touch the buttons on toilets out in town. I'm sure that I'll mistake the music or flushing sound button for one that is really the emergency call button.

Jessica said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I really enjoy reading your blog. My family will be moving to Japan in just a few short months. I have started a blog to share my family's experiences during our transition to Japan. I linked your blog on mine. If this is something you would not prefer just let me know and I will be glad to change it for you!


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