Friday, November 19, 2010

Our trip to Hokkaido... okay, not really.

It was actually just a trip into town to a store called Tamaya.
I don't know the frequency of these food extravaganzas, but this was our second. The first time we went to one featuring Kyushu foods. Until the 23rd of November, it's Hokkaido's time to shine.
It looks like an egg, but it's some kind of beef or pork filled ball. I didn't try it.
There were samples of almost everything. If you're hungry, head there!
More samples.
Something called Rusk. These were strawberry and chocolate Rusk. They were just little bread crisps with a taste of strawberry sugar on them. The ones in the photo above weren't very good. On the other side, by another company, there were caramel and chocolate. Those were really good!

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