Sunday, January 2, 2011

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!!! Happy New Year!!!

It's a New Year and in the stores here in Japan, you'll see these lucky bags (Fukubukuro) everywhere! The value of the items in the bags are supposed to be quite good, though I have never personally bought one.
These bags were at a Jusco near my house. Some of the places selling bags had them roped off with signs warning that they were not available for purchase until the first. On most of the bags I saw, there were sizes posted on the outside of the bags in clothing departments.
A live news broadcast on the first here showed a madhouse scene at some department store. It looked like the day after Thanksgiving in the US. It looked cold.


Blue Shoe said...

Man, those bags are huge here. Saw a news report on New Years day about how one designer store sold out in 2 and a half minutes. Crazy.

Jackofallhobbies said...

I think this is such a cool idea. I heard that the fukubukuro from the Apple store was incredible.

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