Monday, January 31, 2011

Scented tissue - sniff before you blow!

I have to thank my friend for turning me on to these. You can't really go anywhere in the larger cities without someone pressing a small pack of tissues into your hand, so I never purchased them. One day my friend took out a package of tissues for her daughter. I think I said something about never having seen printed tissues before. She showed me that they were scented too. How cool!!! I was then told that it is popular for school girls here in Japan to trade packs of the scented and printed packs of tissues.
My friend gave all of the packs on this page to me. The scents above are, 'American Cherry', 'Sweet Strawberry', and 'Petit Pineapple'.

The packs above are strawberry, orange, and pineapple.
I guess this last pack is geared more toward adults. The two packs are slightly larger and are lavender and a sweet smell.


JA3 said...

Hi there -- I've found your blog immensely helpful over the past year we've been in Japan, so I wanted to let you know -- while doing some google searches on some parks, I discovered that a site called "" is stealing all your posts wholesale, text and pictures, and reposting them to their own blog with advertising. This is a pretty common thing among recipe blogs and travel blogs, some quick research with google can help you find a course of action for shutting them down without expense or hiring an attorney. Wanted you to know!

Dollars to Yen said...

Thank you for letting me know. I'm looking into righting that wrong now.

Jackofallhobbies said...

Do they sell some kind of package you can transfer the tissues into--I ask this because I used to get ones with.... we'll call them distracting pictures, or non family friendly information.

Dollars to Yen said...

Jackofallhobbies, good question. I don't know the answer, but I bet they do.

Esther J. said...

That is so cool!

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