Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fuji-san... a mini hike.

I hiked Mt. Fuji from the 5th station all the way to the top earlier this summer. These pictures, however, are from a mini hike I did from the 5th to the 6th station.

This view of Fuji-san is from the Mt. Fuji Visitor's Center.
Can you see the people hiking the switchbacks?
Most of the trail is primitive, but at the start it is kind of paved.
Yes is really is this crowded! The climbing season on Fuji is short, so everyone climbs at the same time.

I took this picture while on the move. On the arm of the light pole is the shape of Mt. Fuji with the real Fuji-san behind it.

How to use one of those fancy Japanese toilets. This was at a rest area on the Expressway. The bathrooms at Mt. Fuji are, umm, interesting. They use recycled water. The bathrooms up on the mountain itself are pay bathrooms.

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Katie said...

What are switchbacks?

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