Friday, August 7, 2009

What the heck is he doing with that baby doll?

This post will be remarkably sparse on information as I'm not sure what this is.... and this was our second time visiting this. We happened upon this last year as well.

Yeah, I have no idea either.

I can tell you that if you happen to be near the a television studios at the Shimbashi area, this is one of the things you'll see. Have your picture taken with her/him/whatever.

You're invited to play some games as well, but you need to speak Japanese.
Twentieth Century Boys, have your picture taken here! They were promoting the film here. Last year they were promoting a 3-D movie.
For everyone who has ever wondered what a Shamisen (Sanshin for my Okinawan friends) sounds like when played with a baby doll.

We actually took lessons to learn to play the Sanshin. Not once did our sensei ever teach us this!

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