Friday, September 11, 2009

Kanazawa Zoo

I'm not a huge fan of zoos, but we went to the Kanazawa Zoo today and I thought I would post some photos.
Elephant poop. We were lucky enough to see it fresh too.
The English brochure we were given upon entrance listed this bull as a "Gaur: The world-biggest bull. Its most attractive features are its white legs!"
This picture is a bit deceptive. It doesn't depict how big that rocky hill really is. This area is home to animals from the Americas.

The brochure for the Kanazawa Zoo was hilarious without meaning to be. Watch out for the Black-necked swan. "If it hits you with its wings it will feel like a deadly karate chop."

There is also the Baird's Tapir. "The Tapir can move its trunk in humorous yet skillful ways."

The Reticulated Giraffe: "I am waiting for you with my neck long."

Admission is 500-yen for adults and the last admission is 16:00.

We were on a deadline and moving fast, but we were able to see most of the zoo in an hour. No reading, just looking. I did stop for a while at the elephant poop.

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