Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why should I wear clean underwear out today?

Sorry Mum, you were wrong. I don't have to wear fresh underwear every time I leave the house. For the recently reduced price of 1000-yen, I can buy a fresh pair from this machine.

But wait... that's not all! After I have changed into my new cartoon adorned undies, I'll saunter over to the Udon/Miso/Ramen in a can machine for lunch.
If I feel like yard work, I'll simply drop 2 shiny silver 100-yen coins into a machine for some grass seed.
I have found a few weird vending machines, but rarely do I find more than one in the same place. Jackpot!
By the way, I didn't buy any of these things.


marigirl said...

my sister was asking if I'd ever seen a clean undies vending machine and I haven't! where are these?? I have seen disposible undies at 100 yen stores tho...but technically wouldn't most underwear be disposible...??

Dollars to Yen said...

I found these at one of those amusement places that are in most of the bigger stores. The ones that have all those machines that make noises and spin around.
The other underwear machine I linked to was a machine on a random street in Kawasaki. I'm not sure I could find that one again if I tried! It was just kind of ... there.

Jessica said...

Too Funny!

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