Friday, May 7, 2010

Miyoshi Park near Hiroshima

I must say that we spent quite a bit of time here at Miyoshi Park. This park is about 45 minutes from Hiroshima and, the day we were there, we had it to ourselves! Those bouncy clouds are just like the ones at Showa and Yoshinogari Parks... FUN!!!

What you can't see in my picture are the climbing nets below the roller slides and the extensive toddler park that's out of the picture to the right. You can see part of it below.
That green rollerslide is the fastest rollerslide I've ever been on. The red slide on the right.... not so much.

This park, like most in Japan, is free.


Queenie The Bee said...

A friend recommended your blog after I asked about big parks near Hiroshima! That looks like so much fun to play at! Thank you for suggesting it. We would be coming on Rt.2 or the Sanyo from Iwakuni..... would you please tell me how to get to Miyoshi? It looks beautiful! :)

Dollars to Yen said...

If I remember correctly, it was close to two hours north east of Iwakuni. I know it was very expensive via the Expressway, so I took the surface roads back. There weren't very good signs to Miyoshi until you were near there and I can't remember the road numbers. Once you exit the Expressway it's easy. Just follow signs for the park... it's huge! Those fuwa fuwa domes (the big bouncing clouds) get very hot in the summer. Have fun!!!

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