Monday, May 10, 2010

World's best chicken... on a stick!

On our trip to the Yamaguchi Prefecture south of Hiroshima, we were invited to dinner at a place called Sanzoku, or "The Chicken Shack" by English speakers. Wow! It was good!!!

From what I read before going, the owners would like to be known for their beef, but who orders beef at a place called the "Chicken Shack"?
It tasted like it was braised with a sake, soy sauce, and something else sauce. They then grill it over hot coals. So good!

They also serve a huge Onigiri. It is so big it has four different filling while the ones that you buy in stores typically have only one.

That's the outside of the restaurant... there are three there. Sanzoku is the small building on the right side of this photo.
Despite the small shack appearance from the front, there is plenty of seating inside and out.

The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, but they open quite early every other day of the week.

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