Monday, September 6, 2010

Tideland Yoka Park

I have to say that Tideland Yoka Park is one nice park!
If you know a slide enthusiast, bring them here! There is an impressive double drop slide, a coiled snake slide, and a couple other ones.
It was very hot the day we went. Luckily, there is a wading pool that was perfect to cool down in.
These are called free-fall slides here and for good reason. This slide is the first double drop I have seen since Yaejima Park on Okinawa. Yaejima was the start of our park obsession here in Japan!
This slide is a miniature version of the one at Oonoyama Park in Naha, Okinawa.

There were two sides to the pool. One side is 20 centimeters and the other side is 40 centimeters.
They had several interesting pieces of equipment that I had never seen before. That one kind of bounced on either side.

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Richmonds in Japan said...

Where is this park can oyu give me directions please?

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