Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yaejima Park

Yaejima park was my introduction into Okinawa's parks.
See that slide?!? We called it a drop slide. I don't know what official name is, but you slide your bum off the edge and hold onto the bar above your head. You hang there and, when you are ready, let go! You drop and kind of free-fall about three meters until you re-attach your bum to the slide.
I first saw this rollerslide from Rt. 23 right outside of Kadena... near Gate 2. This park is on the Okinawa Marathon route. I guess I had better things to do than actually run the race... like scope out parks :)

There are three parts to this park. The rollerslide is up front, along with the Gate Ball field. The drop slide is just a little farther back and then there is this part above. I forgot to get a picture of the little kid's area, but it is a fun area with climbing and little slides.
This must be why Okinawans live so long! Those women swinging are probably pushing 80!
This is the Gate Ball field. Every morning you can find elderly Okinawans playing a Croquet-like game they call Gate Ball. This is a familiar site at almost every park on the island.

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