Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saga Shirin Park... Part I

Shirin Park in Saga is very, very large. I've divided it up into two parts, but there are actually three playgrounds.
This playground was the larger and more interesting, but you could easily spend a full day here and a full day at one of the other playgrounds on the other side.
At the top of a hill at this playground is a complex jungle gym. There are plenty of things to climb on, run across, and slide down.
This obstacle course goes all the way down the back side of the hill.
Climbing wall.
I took this picture on the opposite side of the hill from the first picture. There is a sand box near the bottom of the roller slide.
I've seen this octopus-like concrete slide at other Okinawan parks. The kids seemed to love it!
I don't know what that design is supposed to be above, but it has two concrete slides running down either side.
That mound with holes in it behind the monster is a cave-like hiding area. Plenty of kids were popping in and out of there.

If you're in Saga, just look for the signs for Shirin Park. They're in English and hard to miss.

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