Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mochi pounding!

We attended a mochi pounding party today.
They put rice in that wooden barrel thing and, using a well-choreographed rhythm, they pounded the rice into the gelatinous form that is mochi.
These women would take the freshly pounded mochi and drag it through one of five toppings.
They ran out of nori (seaweed) while I was waiting, so I didn't get the grilled mochi. That is very good though! Starting at the bottom of the photo above are black sesame, anko (kidney bean paste), kinako (soybean flour), and chopped daikon. The black sesame was my favorite.
They put the hot rice in the wooden barrel and then walked around it poking it with these wooden sticks before pounding it with the mallet.
They had a tea ceremony at the celebration as well.Playing the koto.
Music sheets for the Shakuhachi performers.
The Shakuhachi is the flute the gentlemen are playing below.

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Anonymous said...

You have seen alot of Japan?
How long have you been here?

Do you live in 横須賀 (Yokosuka)?

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