Monday, February 23, 2009

Tokamachi Snow Festival

This is the Tokamachi Snow Festival. It is not the same as the Sapporo Snow Festival.

The in the foreground of this photo are as close as the general public could get to the snow castle. The people up at the castle must have been part of a show later on. They had lights shining on the snow to turn it different colors. Later that that night, they shot off fireworks from the top of the castle.
A giant snow dragon.

They had several igloos set up. Some of them had little shrines in them. This one seemed to be set up just for kids to play in.
This is a tea ceremony. A very cold tea ceremony.


Alisa said...

I almost signed up for that trip... my 1 question was ... how do 4 yr and 7 yr olds fair? Do you think it would A-Ok for kids that age?
It looked SO Fun! :)

SabrinaT said...

The boys and I had a great time on the trip. I talked to a lady at the ITT office who said many people complained about the trip. I thought it was GREAT!

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