Saturday, February 21, 2009

Toshiba Science Museum

Welcome to the Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki!
This corporate run museum is a fun, and free, way to spend a few hours. Stop off at the reception desk when you first enter the museum and arrange for a free tour in English. Your tour guide will take you on a 30 - 45 minute tour of the exhibits that require an operator. There is also plenty to do on your own after the tour.
Your tour guide will take you to the Van de Graaf Generator where your hair will stand on end.
This room is the History of Lighting room. Come for the gigantic light bulb and stay for the show. Your tour guide will start the light show in this room. Watch out for the shark!
That little boy is part of a video game. This particular exhibit wasn't on our tour, but our tour guide explained it to us. The boy and the audience are watching his actions as a character in a video game. This is called the Markerless Motion exhibit.

This is a corporate museum, so take a tour of Toshiba through the years. It may make you feel old when you see how long ago some of the products were out that you had in your family room as a child.
The above photo is in the chroma key room... it's the same thing the tv weathermen use in America. Wherever you are wearing blue, including blue jeans, that part will be invisible. A boy who was in there with us was wearing blue jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt. It looked like he had only a face and hands. He thought it was hilarious!

To get to the Toshiba Science Museum:

Take a train to JR Kawasaki or Keikyu Kawasaki Station. They are right next to each other. Make your way to the JR Kawasaki West Exit and board Tokyu bus No.82 and get off at Toshiba Kagakukan-Mae bus stop(10 minutes ride).

You can walk to the museum too. It took us about 30 minutes to walk. We took a bus back. The return bus leaves from the Book Off across the street. Catch the bus bound for Kawasaki Station. I believe it was 200-yen for the return bus.

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