Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hachiko... the legend.

We made a quick trip up to Shibuya today. Every time we go, we make sure to visit Hachiko. When I began blogging this entry, I went in search of the Hachiko legend. Apparently, they are turning the story into a movie starring Richard Gere.
Foot traffic was quite light this afternoon. It was still fun.
You can read more about Shibuya here. You may have seen it in the movie Lost in Translation with Bill Murray.
Swine Flu... I'm sorry the H1N1 (it's pronounced "hiney") flu, is no match for Tokyo :)
And... go!


Jamie said...

OMG! We were just in Shibyua yesterday too. I was telling our son about the dog, can't believe they're making a movie. How cool!

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