Friday, May 15, 2009

There are horses in Japan!

We just passed our four year mark living in Japan. I have only seen one other horse here, aside from as a menu item. The other horse I saw was brought to a festival for kids to ride on. Of course, I know they have horses in Japan and I even know of people who regularly ride. I just have never seen them. These horses were at a horse riding club in Yokohama. I think I was in Yokohama. They must be city horses.
I took these photos in Yokohama Station during a slow period. This isn't rush hour... that's why I took these photos. The first time I ever went through this station I used a whole bunch of not-so-nice words under my breath. As soon as you walk out of the ticket gate, you have to jump into the fast moving river of people heading the way you want to go.

Yokohama Station isn't even the busiest station in the area!
It's not unusual to be handed a pack of tissues. Today, I was handed a pack of flower seeds with a pack of tissues. Neat!


Jamie said...

That way you'll have the tissues to take care of the allergies from the flowers. ;) That's pretty good though, I haven't gotten seeds yet. Pens, games, lots of tissues. Great shots of the train station!

Katie said...

Love the seeds, what a great idea!

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