Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nice day for two nice parks.

I think the forecast was originally for rain today. Glad it was wrong. We went hunting for parks today. The first one is the Nagasaki Prefecture Athletic Park in Ishahaya. It is close to Megane Bashi (megane meaning eyeglasses and bashi meaning bridge). We had seen the park coming home from Unzen last weekend but couldn't check it out because there was a road race going through the park.
It is a very nice park. There are fields for many sports from Gate Ball to Baseball.
The playground is okay by Japan's standards, but nothing spectacular.
There is a full size locomotive as well as smaller size firetrucks that are open for kids (and adults) to climb all over.

The park features a pretty nice looking swimming pool complete with a water slide and what looked to be a lazy river.
The park above is Central Park in Kawatana Cho in the Nagasaki Prefecture.
This park has walking trails, ball fields, tennis courts, and a playground as well. It was such a beautiful day today that this park gets high marks just for being there. It was very nice to walk around.

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