Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Takasakiyama - Monkey Mountain!

I have never seen so many monkeys in my life! Just outside of Beppu, Japan there is a mountain filled with them! According to this web site, the monkeys are fed here at Takasakiyama to keep them from going into nearby farmers' fields.
They are very comfortable with humans, though you are instructed not to even make eye contact with them.
There are a couple of places set up to have your picture taken with the Macaques.....
...if they don't get there first. I accidentally kicked a couple of them walking up to the picture place. Did I mention that they are EVERYWHERE?

It wasn't particularly cold that day, but several of the Macaques were taking time out to warm their hands on this stove.
Back in December of 2008 we went to see the snow monkeys up in Nagano. There seemed to be many more here in Kyushu.
To get there, head south from downtown Beppu on 10. You'll see signs for the monkeys as well as tiny little pointing monkeys showing you the way on the walk across bridge.
You can pick up discount tickets to the park, as well as combination tickets for the aquarium and monkey area. Without the discount, tickets for entry into the park are 500-yen for adults. If you want to ride the monorail up the hill, that's another 100-yen. We opted the ride the monorail, but if we go again we wont. It is a very short walk. You could make it to the big open area in shorter time than what it takes to wait for, and to ride the monorail. Plus, when you walk you get to see even more Macaques along the way.
No matter what you do... DO NOT MAKE FUN OF THE MONKEYS!

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SabrinaT said...

We went while in Yoko. We couldn't take Peyton he was to young. I am so excited to go here!!

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