Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Orange flavored M&Ms and Bean flavoured Kit kats

I know these Orange flavoured M&Ms aren't new world-wide, but the woman working at the convenience store where I bought these said they were new here in Japan. As soon as I opened the bag I could smell the orange! The taste wasn't as over-powering as I thought it would be.

Setsubun inspired Kit Kats. The woman where I bought these said is is Azuki (red bean) flavoured Kit Kats. There is another post about these over at Japanese Snack Review. I haven't personally tried it yet. I think I bought this last year, or maybe a few years ago too.

Custard Pudding Kit Kats in the big bar size. This flavour has been out before.

I've been looking to see if they'll release Olympic Kit Kats. I bought some back in 2006.

Raspberry and Passion Fruit Kit Kats. These were previously released with Nescafe back in November of 2008.


Orchid64 said...

I've got those raspberry and passionfruit KitKats on my desk waiting for a taste. Though I reviewed them when they came out as part of a Nescafe pack, I decided to give them a s hot in this form, particularly since I liked the minis. ;-)

Richmonds in Japan said...

Still havent found these what store to you go to exactly. I tried a few in Haiki and no luck :(

Dollars to Yen said...

I found all of the candy in convenience stores. I think I bought the raspberry and passion fruit ones in a 7-11.

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