Sunday, February 28, 2010

Visiting the future in the Ginza in Tokyo

This building is the Sony building in the Ginza in Tokyo. Photos are allowed in many places of the building, but not in the most interesting part. They have on display three different 3-D televisions. After seeing the televisions, I can say that I'm not interested in having a 3-D television in the home, though I'm a bit of a Luddite. They did have a gaming system set up that was neat. Each of the systems required special glasses and the people showing the systems kept telling us to move more to the center so that we could see it in 3-D.

The television above was 2.2 centimeters. It spins around so you can measure it for yourself.
Visitors are encouraged to try out many of the products. I liked trying the waterproof camera above. I tried it out several times.
This was a camera that took video 360-degrees. It had a funny name... "Bloggie".
I couldn't make many of these cameras do much of anything.
Some kind of GPS thingy.
These are musical stairs. When we first got there, the stairs played different animal noises for each stair. The video I took was after it switched to musical notes.

On one of the floors they had home theaters set up with various things playing. That floor was kind of fun, but not very visual. It's free to roam about the multi-level building.

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