Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sarayama Park 皿山

I believe this is the park someone commented on a few posts ago.... Thank you!!! It's called Sarayama Park and it's in Saza right off 204. If you drive back just a little bit, you'll find a big parking lot. Once you park, you can either follow the hordes of children pulling their parents by the hand, or follow the signs to Family Land.
This rollerslide is more bark than bite... at first. Several of the spots have rollers that just don't move. It's very slow going... until you hit the section in the picture above!
As you can see, the park is quite expansive. My vantage point for this photo is from the top of an obstacle course across the way. There is also an outdoor theater, plenty of trails, gardens, and another playground for toddlers.
When we went, the Sakura trees provided a beautiful tunnel over the lower part of the rollerslide. It was a little hard to enjoy the beauty at mach-4.
Grab a pad to make your sliding experience oh so much more comfortable.

That's the toddler park. There were families playing catch and badminton when we were there.


Anonymous said...

yea! so glad you found it...this is the one i posted a comment about, figuring you'd like it. as you can tell, i follow your blog; thanks to you my best friend & i have oodles of parks to take our kiddos to :)

oh, you might like hiyamizudake (it's a park on top of a mountain)...go to kosaza & then follow the signs to it. there is a rocking lookout point & a pretty nifty playground, too.

Dollars to Yen said...

Thank you thank you thank you! This park was so beautiful! I'm going to try and find that park you mentioned!

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