Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Bio Park

Every time we go to Costco in Fukuoka, we like to stop off at this little Bio Park across the street. It costs 300 per person, but if you buy the goat feed in the gumball machine outside the front gate, you may win a free entry. Almost all of the animals roam free here and they are happy that you are there. Very happy if you feed them!
There is a goat sitting on a perch above the birds here.
See the iguana just waiting to be pet?
There are gumball machines set up all over the park where, for 100 or 200 Yen, you can buy a little container of food for the animals. Those are live grubs for the... umm.... I don't think they are prairie dogs, because those were one over. Whatever that little guy/girl was, you can feed them live bugs for 100 Yen.
The monkeys get live grubs too. You just drop them down the little tube and they know what to do.

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