Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tabira Park

Tabira park is very easy to find. The entrance is almost walking distance from the bridge to Hirado. Now is a good time to go too. Everything seems to be in bloom!
The first picture was taken from below the slides. There are three roller slides here. One zigzags down from an observation tower, another is straight, and another is very short and meant for younger children.
That red bridge there is the bridge to Hirado.
This park is very cared for. While we were there workers were re-paving parts of the walking courses.
Much of this park catered to the younger set.
Tabira is known for their insect village. These beetles guard the bathrooms.
There's a zip line down there.
The view was beautiful. That's Hirado out there. If you walk a bit down the path from the playground, you'll get a nice view of the bridge to Hirado.

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