Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kawazubana Park

Kawazubana Park has potential... potential that I think they are working on. The playground is a small part of this "Fruit and Flower" park, but the grass and weeds have recently been cut there. According to their web site, they are open all year.
This rollercoaster/zip line ball looked like it would be fun, but it had not been oiled in a while when we visited.
The view from the park is gorgeous! The rollerslide moves pretty fast despite the weeds growing through the bottom. I weeded them with my inaugural slide.
There are many flowers here, but it's not groomed... yet. There were people at work there, so maybe in the next week or so it will be beautiful.
I should warn you that the park is straight up behind those shops, past an apple tree grove and some other fields. 80,492 steps... I counted.

The park is on Fukushima. To get there, take the bridge across to the island and follow the signs to Kawazubana (蛙鼻公園).

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