Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shiraito Falls... WOW!!!

This waterfall is a very worthwhile side trip should you happen to be near Takashima. Right before you cross the bridge over to Takashima. Just look for the signs leading you to Shiraito Falls. Back in September of 2008 - pre-blog, I visited Shiraito Falls near Mt. Fuji. That waterfall is beautiful, but you are always surrounded by tourists, food vendors, and gift shops. This Shiraito Falls is extremely beautiful, but there wasn't another sole around!

It's only a 150 meter walk from the parking area to the falls.

Loved it!!!
Below is a picture I took of the Shiraito Falls near Fuji san. What you can't see in the photo below are all of the people on either side of me.

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miru said...

Looks pretty. : )

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