Monday, June 14, 2010

Kotohira Sky Park in Omura. Number 9 number 9 number 9

Kotohira Sky Park in Omura is a really nice park 320 meters above sea level affording you a panoramic view of Omura and the Nagasaki airport. The number 9 reference above is for the rollerslide. That rollerslide is the top of a 99.9 meter long slide. It's one of the better slides we've tried out. There is also a 9 hole mini golf course at the park and 999 steps to get up to the park... don't worry, you can drive up there too.
A rope pull tire slide down below the rollerslide.
This is more of the park below the rollerslide. There is enough stuff to keep kids occupied for an hour or so.
You can rent sleds for 200 yen to slide down the grass slide. It was really hot the day we were there. We had the whole park to ourselves.
This is what it must look like on a cool day.
The view from the "Sky" park.
This park is a welcome change from Nodake Recreation area just a few minutes to the north.

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Texans in Japan said...

Hello! You are obviously in the Sasebo area - so are we! I love your blog and all your park discoveries! I'd love to get directions to some of these from you! I'd love if you emailed me at!

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