Sunday, June 13, 2010


There is a fun little hike down in Higashisonogi in the Nagasaki Prefecture where you are rewarded with four or five waterfalls along the way.
One of the neat things about these waterfalls is how deep the pools are below them. I believe the one above was 15 meters.
The waterfall above is the main attraction and that pool beneath is 23 meters. 23 very cold meters! No swimming is allowed and the reason given is the water temperature.
The trail is beautiful and a very easy hike. It takes maybe half an hour from the parking lot to the last waterfall.

View from the parking lot.
To get to the trail head, just head south through Kawatana town and on to Higashisonogi. Look for the signs to Ryotosen. It's a 3.5 kilometer drive up a narrow mountain road to he destination. Take a small car!

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Richmonds in Japan said...

Def have to check this out thanks for putting down the directions :)

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