Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fuji TV

If you have been to Tokyo, you may have noticed that funny looking building with the gigantic sphere almost suspended in the middle of a building. That's the Fuji-tv building in Odaiba.

I kept meaning to tour it, and finally did on our last visit to Odaiba. For just 500-yen, you too can take the tour of the big ball and the museum a few floors below. That hallway in the photo above has television memorabilia. More interesting, it offers a live peak at some of those wacky Japanese television shows being taped a floor below. You're not allowed to take photos through the windows, taking a photo of the hallway was the best I could do. If you see down that hallway, there are television sets above windows on the left in the hallway. The sets show you what the cameras are on in the studio. The windows offer a live view of the same thing. While we were there we saw some show with spinning tables piled high with donuts. I don't know what the show was about.

There were several mini sets along the hallway as well. There were life-sized cut-outs of television personalities that you could pose with for pictures.

This was the view from the 24th floor.... I think. It's the floor you first go to after visiting the inside of the sphere.

The view from inside the sphere. It's an awesome view of the Tokyo skyline!

When you pay the 500-yen, you'll be given a passport. You take that passport to various spots throughout the sphere, museum, and the shops area to get a variety of stamps. The final stamp makes a multi-colored Fuji-tv logo and blue dog. You then present the completed passport for a prize. We opted for the tape on the left. It rolls out with pictures of the little blue dog on it.
View from the water taxi on the way from Odaiba to Hinode. We always take the Yurikamome from Shimbashi out to Odaiba and the water taxi back to Hinode. The water taxi is an awesome and cheap way to see Tokyo from the water. A one-way ticket is less than 500-yen for an adult!

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