Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Squid Ink Ice Cream, no? How about Ox Tongue Ice Cream?

A friend of mine researched and found this place in Ikebukuro after seeing some Food Network Tv show where the host was eating a bizarre ice cream flavor here in Japan. Ice Cream City in Sunshine City is said place.
I do not like ice cream, but when I saw flavors such as Potato and Butter, Miso, I had to give in. I did not try the Ox Tongue in the picture above.
Shark's fin and Noodle on top, strawberry on the bottom.
I didn't try fish sauce, but someone in our party did try the shark fin and noodle. The noodle tasted like caramel, so I'm not sure if there was really shark fin in the ice cream. I wouldn't doubt it though.
In my opinion squid ink and goya were pretty good, eggplant and chicken wing were not.
Garlic, Mocha Coffee, Miso Noodle, and Powdered Pearl.
Viper - didn't try it.

Bring a camera! Just outside the Cup Ice Museum are several additional places to purchase ice cream treats. Those places have more traditional flavors, but they have unique presentations.

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