Monday, August 16, 2010

Hunting for treasure at Huis ten Bosch

We went to Huis ten Bosch on Saturday. They used to have a treasure hunt that involved a bunch of locations throughout Kyushu, so when we entered the park this time and saw the ads for another treasure hunt, we were all over it. This one was fun... at first. We chose the International Course. For 300-Yen we could complete this course is in English, Chinese, or Korean. There were three courses in Japanese, with the most expensive costing 1,000-Yen.
You follow the clues in the little booklet they give you to five different treasure boxes. The clues aren't hard to find in the daytime, but we arrived just before dusk and that made it difficult.

This treasure box was on a tree off the beaten path, and next to another treasure box for one of the Japanese courses. Make sure you get the right treasure!
It was fun for the adventure, but don't do it for the prize. Our prize was that plastic folder above. We turned in our completed clue sheet and the guy made a big show of us getting all of the clues right. He handed me the folder above and I asked him in Japanese what it was. He took a piece of scrap paper and demonstrated putting a piece of paper in it. He must have thought I was an idiot... I felt like one too. I know how to operate a folder, I was just hoping the prize would have been something more interesting.

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