Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heiwa no Mori

Meanwhile back near Tokyo....
I took a little trip at the end of June, beginning of July back to my old stomping grounds near Tokyo. One of the places we re-visited was Heiwa no Mori. It's a Point Course near the Heiwajima station on the Keikyu Line -- not far from Kawasaki.
There are 45 different obstacles spread out over an impressive-sized park.
This was the second time I had been. They had changed the obstacles up a bit this time. They have added a couple of new water obstacles that are different from last year.
To get to this park, exit out the station toward the bicycle lot and follow the signs to Heiwa no Mori. There is a pretty good size park in addition to the obstacle course.
Prepare to sweat! These obstacles require strength and stamina.
Above is one of my favorites... to watch. Those platforms aren't as stable as they look.
The main obstacle course is for those older than 6. The entrance fee is anywhere from 100-yen to 380-yen. While the younger kids can't climb on the bigger obstacle course, there is a free preschool course just outside the gate. The last picture is part of the preschool course. The preschool course has added diagrams now that makes it look more like the paid course.
One note: We went on a day it had rained in the morning. The course had to dry out two hours before they would open it. They also told us that if it had rained anytime before noon they wouldn't open it at all.

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