Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keeping the evil spirits away.

My house is clean, clean, clean! Now we just have to rid it of evil spirits. I'm told I can do this with a Shimekazari. Oosouji is the huge once a year deeeep cleaning of your house, car, etc... I guess it has to be done before the new year begins.
The back room of the farmer's market I so love was filled with an array of these Shimekazari ranging in price from 200-yen for a tiny one in the photo below all the way up to a 5,000-yen more ornate one.

Most of the customers were buying the size above. They are all around 550-yen.
There were also many people purchasing Kadomatsu. These small, pre-made versions were all around 1,800-yen.
This was the scene outside where they were selling the various parts of the Kadomatsu as well as a couple of huge Kadomatsu at the entrance.

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