Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unzen Obama Marathon

By marathon, they mean 20 kilometers. Don't get me wrong, it still hurts, but only half as much as a full marathon. This past weekend was the 34th annual Unzen Obama Marathon. In addition to the 20k, there were also shorter distances of 5k and 10k. All distances start at the same time. The picture above was as we were waiting for the police to stop traffic for the start of the race.

The race packet included a coupon book. One of the coupons was an entry for a contest to win something. The kanji was above my reading level, so I don't know what it was for. Another one of the coupons was for a bag of potatoes. This area of the Nagasaki Prefecture is well known for their potatoes.
The start, finish, and festival for the marathon all take part in Obama Marine Park... home of the 105 meter foot bath that opened last February. The very left part of the picture are reflexology squares. There are more actually inside the walking part of the foot bath. I took this picture after the race during the awards ceremony. There were more than 1,700 runners.
The festival part near the start line. They were hawking the standard festival fare such as knives, live turtles, and dried fish.
I wonder if the dried fish would be good protein on the run. They were handing out samples, but I didn't dare take a chance.
The 20k turnaround. The 10 and 5k routes were both very flat. Not so for the 20k! Near the turn around there are two massive hills. That means FOUR UPHILLS!!! I hated every minute of that. There is also a lot of traffic with not much room to move. There were times when I had to keep my elbows on my body so as not to hit the semi trucks or buses passing me.
One of the places were there was actually a sidewalk to run on.
The finish line. After you finish, you go to that red and white tent so they can print you out your finish certificate.
This view, while pretty, was near the top of one of those monster hills near the 20k turnaround.

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