Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kinkai Central Park

This fun little park is very well maintained. It's kind of like Saikai Park but all mushed together. The slides are smaller almost as if it's a training park before you can move on to Saikai.
Such a beautiful view!
The rollerslide wasn't too long, or too fast....
...but it goes under other climbing parts of the park.

Grass slide... maybe? I forgot to walk down there to read the sign.
But wait... there's more! From the park's parking area, there are two ways to get to the playground area. The bridge is fun and bouncy.
At the top of the hill that the park is on, there is this viewing area. The view is very pretty this time of year.

To get there, head south towards Nagasaki past Bio Park. Once you're in Kinkai, pass the Mobile station on the right and look for the sign above on the left side and turn there. You need to turn right to keep the water at your left. Kinkai is written in plants on the right side of the road; turn left and enter the park.

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