Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costco and the Animals

We went up to the Costco in Fukuoka yesterday. It's only the second store I have ever been in, so I'm not sure how it compares around the globe. I can say that it seemed to have the same selection as the Kanazawa Seaside one in Yokohama. This one is located in an outlet mall.On the drive back, I pulled onto a road that I thought might lead to a park. It turned out to be a country club, but on the way to find that out, we found a small bio park. Admission is only 300-yen.
The monkeys had their run of the place. The run throughout the park in these wire tubes.

Right outside the gate, there was a gumball machine where, for 100-yen, you could purchase a small plastic container of food to feet a goat right inside the gate. Inside the one we bought was a little plastic tag as well. We won one free admission! There are several food machines throughout the park.... with eager animals who know what they're for.

All of the animals here were more than willing to befriend small children. If the small child comes baring food, all the better.

Hello, where's my food?
Hands on fun.

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