Friday, October 9, 2009

Planning a wedding?

I went on a little field trip yesterday and one of the stops was at a shrine. I've been to a billion shrines, give or take a couple, but this tour guide took us to the office. The guide told us that this is where you go if you want to marry at this shrine.
Our guide says the weddings themselves don't cost that much, but the gifts the family must give to the guests can cost a lot! The kimono in the far right of the top picture is included in the price. The food that your guests will be served is in the cases above. The gifts for guests are in the cases below.

If you are going to attend a wedding, we were told that you must stop by the store and purchase a pretty envelope with red and silver ribbon-like things on them. Your monetary gifts must be in odd numbered increments.
I hope I remembered what all she told us correctly. I do know that the black and silver (or white) envelope was for funerals.

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