Friday, October 30, 2009

Today at Balloon School - the Saga Balloon Festival

We went to the Balloon Festival in Saga today. We went specifically for the parade of characters along the river. It's called Balloon Fantasia and one of the balloon operators told me it is one of the only festival in the world that they participate in where people are allowed up so close.
They cleared us off the field and started pulling the balloons down, so my photos are a little out of order.
We also went for Balloon School. Balloon School consisted of opening the field of balloons up for school children and the rest of us folks to learn a little about how balloons operate. There were teams from all over, so you're bound to find a language you understand.

See the white one above? That's Asimo! Asimo is a robot made by Honda and paraded around at Miraikan.
Those balloons were tethered and going up and down.
Don't forget to have your picture taken in this balloon set up!
If you go.... there are parking lots set up in Saga with free shuttle buses to the event. If you decide to drive yourself to the event, prepare to walk! It's 1,000-yen to park... and it's not all that close.

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Alisa said...

I am Love'n your blog more and more... it reminds me of out days in Sasebo. :)
We went to the Sage Ballon festival, and it was so fun!!!!
We has so much fun!
Also, i love the picture of Huis Ten Bosch and the Full Moon! :)
Did you end up getting Season passes?

Oh and i shared your blog with a friend of mine who still lives in Sasebo... (from when i lived there):) I think she will enjoy it too! :)

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