Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kit kats and Pepsi

Azuki Pepsi was just released here in Japan. I'm told from an acquaintance who reads Japanese that red beans really are in the ingredient list. I'm told by my family members that it doesn't taste like Azuki.
Yaki Imo flavor side by side with chocolate in the bag above. It doesn't taste as potato-y as the baked potato from Hokkaido earlier this year... just kind of different. I'm not a fan of white chocolate though and that is what it is.
Ohagi Kinako Kit Kat flavor.
Ginger Ale... when I first opened the package, it smelled kind of like the Ramune Kit Kats. It does taste like Ginger Ale, in my opinion. It's white chocolate as well. I like this!
Halloween themed Doritos.

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