Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saikaibashi Koen

This park, located adjacent to the Saikai Bridge, is amazing! One of the things I miss most about Okinawa is the park system, but this makes up for it. That wooden structure above contains climbing nets and a boulder area where kids, and adults, can easily spend hours playing!The picture above is a rollerslide (yellow) and a grass slide. You use a plastic snow slide to slide down the grass slide.
A drop slide! You hold onto that bar, let go and free fall for several feet before catching the slide at the bottom. Very fun!

You can go from level to level through various obstacle courses, like the one above, or by a steep path. This pirate ship area was actually in a different part of the park than the drop slide.
I thought this was the least interesting part of the park, but it was still beautiful! It was also right next to a toddler park. Even the toddler park, below, was cool.

This was a swinging bridge, there are a couple of zip lines ahead and the drop slide is up there on top of the hill.


Candy Love said...

Can anyone pls post directions to this park pls. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Can someone post directions to this park pls thanks

Candy Love said...

Can I get directions pls

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