Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Azaleas in Hayama at Hananokiyama Park (花の木山公園)

Azaleas are in bloom now in Japan! This particular park is in Hayama adjacent to the Hayama Town Hall.
From the little I could understand, there are about 1,000 Azalea bushes planted on this hillside. There are 50 different types.
A bee doing it's job.

Pudding anyone?

Tateishi (立石)the standing stone in Hayama. I was surprised to see Fuji this morning! I saw it as I was leaving the area with the Azaleas, so I drove down to see it at Tateishi. By the time I got down there, it wasn't as visible, but still beautiful.


Katie said...

So pretty! And you had a great day for it too :)

Inkspots said...

Wow! That first photo is so beautiful. Looks like a great place.

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