Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fertility Festival!!! -- Warning explicit photos.

We went to the Fertility Festival in Kawasaki today. Aren't the "ladies" escorting the big pink member beautiful?
Throngs of worshippers take in the phallus parade. There's a black on on the left, followed by the pink one, and there was one carved from a tree trunk closely behind.
I was not the first person to stop and request a photo from this guy.
Playing with food. Carving male and female anatomy parts out of daikons.
This was so funny, I had to try it myself. There were two wooden ones set up. This is actually the smaller of the two. There were a ring of mostly men standing around cheering and taking photos. I took this lady's photo by standing on the bigger wooden one to take this photo. When I was on it, I had a bunch of "fans" telling me exactly where to sit and what to do. I don't think I could physically do.

Okay, before you ask, my husband asked her if he could take her picture and she and her husband thanked him for taking it.Happy little suckers.I wonder where one would burn these?


Katie said...

Tell me you bought one of those candles! You could burn it on your night stand!

Great pictures, and my word to type in is "conis" :)

Inkspots said...

You are one brave lady! I don't know if I could handle such sights. :D Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

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