Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Product Wednesday!

I haven't updated my Kit Kat count in a while. Below are some of the recent ones I have acquired. Many thanks to the friends who have helped!
Up top are Roasted Corn and Baked Potato Kit Kats. The next row has Carmel Pudding, the mailable Kit Kat box, new new Cookies Plus (below the mail box), and the shareable bag of chocolate and white chocolate. Next row has the Black from Hong Kong and the International Recipe from Thailand. My friend Katie bought the International Recipe and the Black on her trip. Peach is next to the Singapore Kit Kats, Lemon is on the end and Expresso Coffee (the newest flavor!) is below that.
Bottom Row is Kamome, Tirimasu, I can't remember, another Tirimasu, and Jasmine Tea. The Roasted Corn leaves an aftertaste in your mouth like buttered corn. The same with the Baked Potato.
Cheese Carnival Pringles on the left and Spicy Chicken Pringles on the right. The ones I didn't buy are the Cheese and Mayonnaise, because I can't think of anyone who would want that flavor!


Katie said...

Very cool!

Inkspots said...

Mmmm. Do you have the soy sauce Tokyo special kit kats? We boought a box, but haven't tried them yet. Hmmmmmm?????

Dollars to Yen said...

Yes, I have 4,200 yen worth of those! Were you disappointed in their taste? I thought they tasted like plain white chocolate.

PutaansuuPost said...

Your site is the best for sharing info. Thanks! And, my husband loves cheese and mayo, so I'll have to start looking for those Pringles. Wow. I didn't think to take pics of my Kit Kat collection for my friend. I just sent her a box... didn't get the new coffee flavor. Darn. Oh well, they keep coming around. I think they should market the lemon one in the states.

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