Monday, April 20, 2009

Higashi-Zushi Festival

Load up the dogs, we're going to a festival!
I volunteered at this little festival near our house on Sunday. It was very similar to most other festivals here in Japan, minus the giant... umm things, at other festivals. This was just a small neighborhood thing.
This poor little guy was made to perform at the festival. Can you see him way up there in the air?
Games to keep the kids busy. We came home with a a paper yo-yo.
Mochi pounding! The line to buy the fresh mochi in kinako powder was very long, but I wish I had had time to stand in that line. Kinako coated mochi is one of my favorite!
A band getting ready to perform. I don't know if they were a big deal... I can't imagine they were since the festival was so small, but there was a television crew there taping the band's performance.

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