Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chigasaki Satoyama Koen

Chigasaki Satoyama Koen is a fun little park in the Chigasaki area.
Take the quick way down to the bouncy clouds via the rollerslide. I highly recommend a thick piece of cardboard between your bum and the slide. This one is a burner!
Almost there!
There was a tiny little bouncing cloud for tiny little people.
There is also a shorter rollerslide on the left side of the picture.
Take some time and peruse the sign before going to the park :)
There is a lot of open space and several trails to make for a nice afternoon.
To get there by by train and bus:
Take a train to Chigasaki Station. Catch Bus #50 bound for Bunkyo University. It will be parked at bus stop #1. Tell the driver that you would like to get off at Serizawa Iriguchi. Cross the street from where the bus drops you off and walk down that street. You will run right into the park.
Thank you Ritsuko san for helping me find this!

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