Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shiso Pepsi and another new Kit Kat flavor!

It's here! Shiso Pepsi. The stories I've read about this new flavor in English claim this is basil flavor. I beg to differ. I know I like basil, I know I don't like Shiso.
Here is one of my bottles staring me down. In my opinion, it doesn't smell like basil.
Sports drink flavored Kit Kat. I think I'll try it the next time I go for a run and see if I run faster.


Katie said...

If they make you run faster let me know, because I'll be downing a few boxes before the next 5k!

Anonymous said...

You bought the "Pepsi Shiso" that went on sale today?
How was it?


Jamie said...

Ok, how do you find the Kit Kats so easily? What store are you going to??? We have to search high and low and find them eventually, we finally found the lemon vinegar. We opened our bottle of Shiso this morning. Our little guy thought it smelt like Basil, the oldest actually liked it. It is different!

PutaansuuPost said...

I think Shiso tastes like cinnamon. A minty cinnamon.

apoorva said...

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PutaansuuPost said...

LOVE the Fish Market pics. Did you stay at Sanno? Shiso is like cinnamon. It's the peppermint type of plant, but the taste has a cinnamon/green edge to me... don't you think?

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