Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm not sure how to describe what this is, so I'll just describe my experience.
Last weekend, I had to go up to Harajuku for a little bit. Right outside the station, I stumbled upon this long line of young women. I asked a couple of them what the line was about. They told me it was for Japanese idol. I was thinking American Idol, but they didn't seem dressed for that. There was a man keeping the line in order and handing out yellow slips of paper.
It was about 9:45am when I was there. The guy keeping order asked me if I was there for this. I said yes and was given this. He told me to come back at 10:30. I left and came back at the appropriate time.
When I returned, I again asked some people what I was standing in line for. I was standing in line for Johnny. "Oh!" I thought to myself. "I'm in line to meet a Japanese rock star. Thank goodness I have my camera!" I asked how much it would cost. 150-yen for a picture. Ok. Kind of odd, but I can spare that to meet a real life pop star.
Sorry, but this is all they let me take a picture of.
They led my line back through an alley behind some buildings to the storefront in the picture above. There were people with headsets lining the way. I thought they were Johnny's security detail. He must be a big star!
They took us into a small room lined from ceiling to floor with pictures of Japanese boy bands and actors. Despite the small room, there were people with complicated headsets directing you as to where to go. I was directed to grab a clipboard with an order sheet and pen. I could then peruse the pictures and mark off the appropriate number of the picture I wanted to buy. I kept looking for a door where I could walk through to meet Johnny.
Turns out, Johnny isn't an idol. Johnny is an agency representing young talent here in Japan. HA!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, in Japan they don't call them "boy bands"...they're called "Johnny's bands". Because almost every one of them is from that agency.

(And that line for that store is there nearly every week).

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