Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tsukiji Fish Market...

Tsukiji Fish Market where fishmongers come to buy and sell... and you're invited.Visitors are welcome in many parts of the market, however, it is a very busy and very dangerous area. It's the world's largest fish market. There are a gazillion of those carts above zooming an and out and down aisles within the market not fit for carts and people. It was TERRIFYING!!! I'm very glad I went, but I would NOT take kids!
You need to have a special license to buy in this area, but there is a market area beyond here where you can shop for fish, meat, produce, and other goods. I didn't think the prices were all that great, but one of the people I was with swore they were better. I know it's fresher.

I took this photo before the tuna auction. The tuna auction takes place between 05:30 and 06:15. They go fast and they move a lot of fish for a lot of money! I didn't catch the price, but I heard someone say some of the bigger fish go for 2,000,000-yen. Like I said, I only overheard this, I didn't verify.
These are the fish they're buying.The potential buyers would come through with a pick and chop into the fish, then shine their flashlight into the open cavities. I saw more than a couple of guys take a small piece of the fish and rub it between their fingers.
Cutting one of the bigger fish was a three man job... with a sword!
I wasn't allowed to buy here, but I enjoyed the explanation of how to eat this.
I look at these tiny little fish and think pizza toppings. These are often offered as toppings in Japanese pizzerias.
Here is where you can buy the hooks to drag the big frozen tuna around. Are you writing this down?
Even the frogs are scared of the H1N1 flu!


Alisa said...

Thats 2 funny, the Frog... haha.
The fish market looked so interesting!
I hope to go once before we move, and from your advice, not with the kids. :)
Great photos!!!

Katie said...

That looks so neat! I wish our trips weren't on the same day...I really wanted to do both. Awesome pictures :)

Jamie said...

How exciting! This is something we want to do.

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