Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Yunessun pictures

Please be patient, this bottle is big enough for everyone to get anointed with wine.

We visited Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone on Saturday and came home just a little happier. Wouldn't you if you could bathe in wine and chocolate while having fish nibble off your dead skin?

This area is called Yutopia. The first bath you come to is the Coffee Bath. I think it may also be the hottest. Several times a day the workers here come out and actually dump real coffee into the bath. The same thing happens at the other baths as well... that's what the wine bath video is all about above.
We were actually in the Waterfall Bath when we heard the announcement that they would be pouring the red wine into the wine bath. We made our way up there to partake. We were not alone!
We were actually all they way on the other side of the spa when they announced that they would be adding the chocolate sauce to the chocolate bath.... damn the luck!
The iridescent Green Tea bath. It was greener than the Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day back home!
This is also listed as a Green Tea bath. It is right above the other Green Tea bath, but they don't seem to be connected.

This is the god's Aegean Sea bath. Yunessun bills it as a large-scaled spa with a Mediterranean theme. It is much like a gigantic whirlpool.
This spa is the Japanese Sake Spa. There is a sign off to the side warning you not to drink the water.
The Honey Spa. This one wasn't there the last time we visited. Last year this one had a Shinkansen model in the middle. I'm not sure how often they change out the baths, but there were a couple of different ones this time. If I remember correctly, last time there was a curry bath. There was a ramen noodle bath a year ago where the chocolate bath is.

Warm yourself on the warm marble.

You have to be 110 centimeters to go on the Rodeo Mountain slide. They list the slides (from left to right) as hard, medium and easy. They're pretty fast.

This is the Strawberry Spa. I don't remember this one from the last time I was here either. It kind of smelled like Strawberry jam, but only slightly.

This is part of the kid zone outside. It's a zero-depth pool with a waterfall.

When it comes time to pay, just put your bracelets in the drawer there, hit your button of choice for language and follow the instructions. You use your bracelet to lock and unlock your locker and to buy food. When you put the bracelet in the machine, it lists your total on the screen, you pay, and then take your exit tickets. The exit tickets work much like tickets to ride the train. You just stick them in and the gate opens. Then you are sad that you have to leave.

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